Sunday, August 5, 2012


First post, ladies and gents!  It all started when my friend Jen, understanding that I am of attachment parenting orientation, asked if I knew of anyone locally who made placenta pills.  She had read all about them, weighed the pros and cons, and could not think of a reason why she wouldn't try them when her third baby was born. 

I asked an herbalist friend of mine, Janelle, who happened to be sitting with her good friend, who just happened to have this wealth of experience and knowledge that I was unaware of.  In her previous life, you know the one before she had babies of her own, she had studied nursing and midwifery, and had cared for many moms and babes, and the placentas joining them.  And, she had participated in making placental medicine for dozens of women.

That was good enough for us.  Kate agreed to make the pills, I begged, insisted, was allowed to come and watch.  We had the best time.  Kate also made beautiful prints of the placenta, which looks like a tree of life.   All the ladies previously mentioned here could see that this would be a wonderful service to offer other moms in the area.  Thus, the business brainchild was born.

As a mom who has lost a baby in the final days before birth, I wish, I can't put enough emphasis on that word, WISH I had known about this when I gave birth to my daughter Brynn.  It would have comforted me in a way that nothing else could have come close to.  I would have one very fleshy part of her to hold on to.  And a print of the beautiful, life-giving placenta that we shared.

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