Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making Friends

Here is a letter from our most recent client, Ruby, printed here with her permission:

Good Evening to the world's greatest "Placenta Ladies!"

That's what my husband and I have been calling you, as you've been this very mystical sort of presence in our post baby life- you came in, worked your magic and left our home leaving behind such wonderful little treasures. 

I can't thank you enough for what you've done for us. The artwork is just amazing. I absolutely love seeing what has connected Violet and I for so many months. I can't really express how beautiful I think they are. I've started taking the pills. 2 with breakfast and 2 with dinner. I have nothing to compare them to, but I feel good and it's a great comfort to me. 

Please feel free to keep in touch. I will email you a picture of this little wonder soon. She's truly an amazing little person.

too sweet

Now, all of the placentas that we handle are revered, but Kate and I were both especially in awe of this one.  It was so big and beautiful, we were extra excited to make prints from it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Respecting our Moon Blood

Our friend and fellow magical mother Janelle Codianni wrote this beautiful response in a conversation when someone referred to menstrual blood as "gross."

 I get it. I see you. what I am wanting you to see is that when a girl gets her moon blood (cause that's how we rock it in our house) and is told it is gross, or a pain, or a chore, those feelings are internalized and that is how they begin to see themselves. There isn't a lot of evidence in the culture to change their minds that they are not gross, or a pain, or a chore. Unless girls can grow into women who honor and respect themselves and their bodies we won't get out of this shithole. It makes a big difference to have a good man, or father, or uncle that does not use put downs for that process.

The reason you and I were able to be educated, witness great art, put on a show, is because of menstrual blood. Your love for your wife, your wife, my husband, my children, your cousins, your potential future children are here because of menstrual blood. You owe everything you see around you, every single one of your ancestors, the ancient cities you may visit, the literature that shaped you, the grandma that held you, the father that guides you, the car you drive, the road you drive it on, the technology that advances and destroys us--ALL of it you owe to menstrual blood. Without it not a single thing we humans do or have done would be possible. For that, I suggest that menstrual blood deserves your reverence if not your kindness. I'm not saying your obligated to get your red wings or anything, or that you need to paint yourself like a warrior with it, but dismissing it as "gross" without a thought to what you owe to that process is arrogant at best. The subjugation of women begins with disgust and dismissal of menstrual blood. (stay with me here) it is the fruit of our inherent womanness and the root of our power. Its mystery and power were demeaned, shamed and criminalized over the course of our human history precisely because it cannot be controlled.  I would beg you to attempt to change the way you view menstrual blood (and truly all natural processes of the body) for the sake of the women and especially the young girls in your life. Should you have a daughter, I hope that she could have a parent that sees the potential for life in her to be wondrous, powerful and indeed beautiful.