"I recently had the opportunity to watch Kate and Teresa work. I am a local midwife and a recent client of mine inquired about placental encapsulation. I had just learned about Mother's Medicinal Magic and was happy to have a local resource.
I came to the home of this client for a postpartum visit and Kate and Teresa were there. They were professional in their work and attentive to my client. They were very warm and receptive to questions.
It was lovely to see a group of women tending to the needs of this new mother and baby in her home.
I will be recommending Mothered Mother's Medicinal Magic to my clients with full confidence in their services."
Jessica Petrone, CPM

      "After my second child was born I believe I suffered from PTSD due to having a very unwanted cesarean section (my son was breech at 38 weeks and low fluid). When he (F) was six months old I very happily became pregnant with now baby #3 (G). During this pregnancy I suffered from anxiety, horrible anxiety! I feared that I was going to be pushed into a repeat csection. Although my midwife was having me prepare to VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) the fear was still there. I mainly worried that I would be in labor, at the hospital and decisions would be made that I couldn't 'control'. So I turned to the Internet and began my research I wanted to know everything about VBAC! In my research I also learned of placenta encapsulation and due to how I felt after my second birth I couldn't find a reason why I wouldn't try this, especially for in the event I did have another csection, which I imagined would have left me feeling quite defeated and depressed.

      I was led to Katelyn by my friend Teresa and the two of them prepared my placenta in my home within 24 hours of delivering Baby G via VBAC.....can I get a woo hoo! When I came home with my new baby, I had my new vitamins (placenta capsules), tincture, cord keepsake, and my beautiful placenta prints. I continued to take my vitamins daily (1-2 capsules with meals). I felt balanced, strong, and had the energy I needed to care for my family! It was quite an emotional experience full of good emotions! I also found the my night sweats were lessened compared to past experience, less postpartum bleeding, and my postpartum pain (cramping) was nearly gone within 24 hours of taking my new vitamins! For me this was pretty amazing because I found that with each pregnancy the postpartum pain increased, so to have now made it go away was incredible.....I felt healed! I took the vitamins for the next six weeks and still have about 2-3 dozen left that I have been using during my menstrual cycle to help balance me when, I feel overwhelmed shall we say....and I must say I notice a significant difference when I do remember to take them! Overall my experience was amazing, I would recommend it to everyone! I personally can't imagine ever again "wasting" something so special."

Jen O'Reilly

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